At REMONDIS in Papenburg, we are accepting the following qualities:

  • Waste wood of the categories A1 to A3 in pure or mixed qualities
  • (unshredded and pre-crushed or as woodchips)
  • Screen overflow from biowaste processing plants
  • Green cuttings
  • Root wood (tree stumps)
  • Mixed bulky waste qualities

The approved waste codes can be found in the EWC list

Our suppliers

Our handling and processing options are mainly aimed at waste wood disposal companies and commercial customers who have to dispose of larger amounts of waste wood qualities on a regular base. Deliveries are accepted by truck, inland and maritime vessel from within Germany and abroad. Due to an existing rail connection, deliveries by freight train are possible as well.

You would like to dispose of waste wood of quality A4 in unbroken or pre-crushed form or also as wood chips? Then please feel free to contact us.

You are offering waste wood? Please contact us!